15% OFF Dentals booked in October 2017 It's Not Only About The Smile!

It's a fact that the most common problem that we see at Station Bridge on a daily basis is poor dental health and tooth disease, and it's not just a matter of bad breath and losing the gleaming smile!

Whilst our pets are generally living longer, they still need the same teeth to last them a lifetime. The bacteria growing on gums and teeth cause gingivitis - painful inflammation of the gums. This leads to periodontitis - increasingly painful infection of the teeth roots and surrounding bone. Soon the roots of the teeth become loose and very painful indeed.

Usually, it's only at this last stage that any discomfort becomes evident to us, our pets are really good at hiding it!

The bacteria will also escape into the blood and provide a constant pressure of infection that the body must continually fight off. If not, these bacteria can cause many other serious diseases elsewhere in the body.

For more, get in touch and bring your pet for dental check!

15% OFF Dentals

booked in October

Offer excludes post-operative medications

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