End of Life Care

The hardest part of ever loving is the sad goodbye at the end and the overwhelming sense of loss that brings.

It is often a time of great uncertainty too and so to help relieve a little of that pressure there are a few things you might like to know.

  • If we know your appointment with us is for the euthanasia of your pet we will do our best to provide a suitable time whereby you have a quiet, unhurried and dignified farewell. 

  • It is entirely your decision if you would like to say goodbye before your pet is euthanised because you do not wish to be present when the injection is given. We will support you in what ever you decide.


  • You can ask us to take a lock of fur or paw print at the time and we will be able to do that for you. We may forget to ask at the time so if you know this is something you might like done it might be easier to discuss this beforehand if you feel you are able.

  • After the euthanasia you have the option of either burying your pet at home or cremation.

  • We use the services of Lincolnshire Pet Crematorium who are very respectful and considerate. They offer various services whereby your pet can be cremated with or without their ashes being returned to you. They can also accommodate (by prior arrangement) you taking your pet directly to the crematorium if you wish to be present during the cremation.

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