Microchipping Your Pet!

The microchips themselves are tiny!

From April 2016 it became law that all dogs must be microchipped.

Not only that, but it's also a great idea too. It's such a relief for us at the vets when we scan a stray dog and find a microchip - then it's just a couple of phone calls and Fido can be reunited with their worried owner! Whilst it's not compulsory for cats, it's an excellent thing to do for our feline friends too - especially as cats are much more likely to be going out on their own.

A handheld microchip scanner

Implanting a chip is really simple - not unlike a vaccination from your pet's point-of-view. Get in touch with us and we can arrange it. We'll then register your details with the database - there's nothing extra you need to do.

Make sure you keep the details up-to-date if you move house or change your phone number!

Emma and Edward's Dog, Woody

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