A trip to the Vet for your Cat.......

....... can be a highly stressful event for both you and your cat! Presenting a cat basket to your cat on the occasions you do visit the vet could send them running out the room and hiding in places you'd never thought they'd fit, let alone extricate them from.

Station Bridge Veterinary Surgery has an allocated Cat waiting area with a table so that you can place your cat basket off the ground while you wait. Nicer for you that you do not need to balance the basket on your knee or be bent over double peering in the basket on the floor and nicer for your cat to be up higher out the way of dogs. Additionally, covering the basket to provide a darker environment may also be beneficial.

In order to get your cat 'acclimatised' to the cat carrier there are a few things you could try:

- Making the carrier an everyday object in your home. Try leaving it open in a quiet room, with a comfy cushion inside and preferably somewhere warm.

- Spray the cat carrier with a calming spray (for example Feliway), which can also be used in the car.

- Avoid feeding your cat within 1 hour of car journeys if you think your cat will get car sick,

- If your cat has serious anxiety/stress issues there are calming medications that could be provided. Do ask the vet if you think this would be beneficial.

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